Recent Developments in Sheep Meat Research Worldwide- a Review


  • Kandeepan Gurunathan ICAR-National Research Center on Meat, Hyderabad, India.


Sheep, meat, mutton, research, production, quality


The sheep meat production system contributes to the economy of sheep farmers to a greater extent. Considering the value of sheep meat, several researchers have attempted strategically to study various domains of sheep meat production and its marketing. The research on mutton production was mainly oriented to lean meat and fatty acid profile. Sheep meat marketing research has covered aspects of consumer demand and education. Studies reveal that the industrial meat production system in sheep contributes more water foot print. Researchers have also assessed the greenhouse gas emission of sheep meat production. Sheep carcass quality studies evaluated the effects of gender, production systems, body weight, age, hot and cold carcass. Sheep meat quality studies were majorly focused on the amino acid, fatty acid profiles, and sensory characteristics. Sheep meat flavor was thoroughly researched by a few investigators. The microbial profile of sheep carcass and meat indicated various microbial contaminants in the supply chain. Several antioxidants were used by researchers for improving the quality of meat and meat products. Antimicrobials such as metal oxides and essential oils were evaluated for effective sheep meat preservation. The heavy metal contaminants in sheep were also investigated by a few researchers. Different DNA and radioisotope methods have been explored for species and sex differentiation in sheep meat and meat products. The sheep meat products were assessed by researchers for various technological, nutritional, and sensory characteristics. The economic value of sheep meat by-products was calculated by researchers for their potential importance in the value chain. Parasitic meat borne diseases were found as the common zoonotic problem with sheep meat. The export potential of sheep meat and bottlenecks have also been studied by a few researchers. Overall, the broad dimensions of sheep meat research worldwide has a profound link with the economy of the nations.




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